English Conversation Groups for Adults 


* The program will start on May 18th.

This program will provide English conversation groups for intermediate and advanced English as a Second Language speakers.  It is designed to serve individuals who need to improve their English conversational skills for employment or career/educational purposes. The groups will be led by a US native English speaker, and will provide an opportunity for practicing English conversational skills in a relaxed and enjoyable way, without the pressure of speaking “perfectly”.  Everyone in the group will have an opportunity to join the conversation about interesting topics.

Who can participate?

individuals who are currently employed or working in internships and who use English in their job, individuals preparing for the conversational section of an English language exam, such as the TOEFL, or individuals planning career related travel or study in an English speaking country.  Participants must be at the intermediate or advanced level of conversational English, and be interested in improving their English conversational skills.  Participants must be able to commit to regular group attendance.  Preference will be given to those who have not participated in this program in the past.

When will the groups meet?

Groups will meet for as follows:

Mondays and Thursdays 18.00- 19.15 at the American Corner UDP, Vergara 324, second floor. Library Nicanor Parra UDP.

Registration and Selection Process

Those interested in this program must complete an electronic application, in English, including their identifying and contact information.    Applicants will be asked to describe their need for improved English conversation, why they would like to participate in the program, and their previous English as Second Language training. Please provide complete and detailed answers to the application questions.

On the application form, participants will also be asked to rank themselves as either an intermediate or advance English language speaker.

Intermediate English speakers can carry on a conversation using simple sentences about everyday topics such as work, pastime activities, etc. They are able to use vocabulary that will allow them to describe experiences and events, and give reasons and explanations for their opinions.  They do not need to be expert in the use of various verb tenses.

Advanced English speakers can converse using a more complex sentence structure. They use vocabulary that allows them to converse on a wide range of subjects and can explain a viewpoint on a topic giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. They are comfortable using appropriate verb tenses.

The program will allow participants in either an intermediate or advanced group.  Group size will be limited to about 12 participants.

The application must be submitted electronically before May 15th, 2015, by email.  For questions, please contact Ivet Parra, coordinator of American Corner, UDP, at american.corner@udp.cl or phone at 56- 2-6768074.

Download the application form