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What We Do

The American Corner UDP has many regular activities:

Conversation groups for university students

These groups provide a space to practice English for intermediate or advanced English-speakers moderated by exchange students from the U.S. The objective of the activity is to provide a relaxed environment, social in compared to academic or organized, to practice English. Also, it is where the students can learn other aspects of United States culture, and even more so it facilitates the meeting of Chilean and American students.

Conversation courses for adults and academics

Facilitated by U.S. volunteers, we host conferences where UDP graduates, academics and professionals of the University with a intermediate or advanced level of English can practice their English. The objective is to provide a relaxed environment, social instead of academic or organized, to practice English. Also, participants can learn about aspects of U.S. culture while supporting the processes of application to graduate programs in the U.S.

Each semester the AC UDP offers at least three elective courses for UDP students about some aspect  related to the United States. These courses are in English and part of the objective is to provide an academic space to practice English.

Advanced English Preparation Course for TOFEL iBT

Made for people with an advanced English level who wish to significantly increase their score on the test, which is essential to be selected for academic programs in the U.S.

Academic counseling for studying in the U.S.

The AC UDP provides individual and group counseling sessions on studying in the U.S. for undergraduate, graduate and Intensive English programs.

More so, each year we offer a series of workshops to support the nomination to North American Universities. The workshops include how to write a CV, letters of recommendation, personal statement letters, choosing study objectives, and more.

These activities are created thanks to the Center of Academic Counseling EducationUSA, Fulbright and Academic Writing Center.

Diverse Events

The American Corner UDP also organizes jazz toccatas, talks on diverse areas of bilateral interest, workshops for English teachers, conferences with U.S. experts, job gatherings, participates in fairs, celebrates American holidays and more.