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Who We Are

The American Corner of Universidad Diego Portales (AC UDP) is a space to share information and culture from the United States. It began in 2005 after an agreement between Universidad Diego Portales and the Unites States Embassy in Santiago.

AC UDP is located in Barrio Universitario of Santiago in Library Nicanor Parra of UDP and is part of a worldwide network American Spaces, a public diplomacy program of the United States government. The program is made up of a group of more than 850 spaces which serve as platforms for creating events and activities with themes of bilateral interest, such as courses, shows, talks about cultural relations, and presentations about scholarships and opportunities to study in the U.S. They also offer music presentations, film showings, and conferences with U.S. experts in cooperation with universities, governments, public libraries, high school professionals and/or bi-national centers.

The five main work priorities are: sharing information about the United States; support English Language Learning; offer counseling on education in the U.S.; cultural programs; and hosting activities with scholars from the U.S. State Department, such as International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), Fulbright, Study of the U.S Institutes (SUSI), Youth Ambassadors, Institute of the Americas, National Youth Science Camp (NYSC), UGRAD, among others.

In Chile there are five American Corners. See here

The AC UDP also has a varied collection of books and magazines – in English and Spanish – about diverse topics such as history, political science, literature from the U.S., economics, art, architecture, English language practice, specialized dictionaries, and biographies of Americans, and more. Also, the Corner has a collection of classic American movies and Kindles with electronic information and books. All of the resources and materials can be found in the American Corner UDP.